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Vladimir Belousov



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This book includes exercises for learning oil and gas industry English terminology at intermediate and advanced stages in the process of studying professional English. The terminology is divided into 12 topics covering field geology, field exploration, well drilling, completion and workovers, oil and gas production, storage, transportation, and processing.
This edition includes CD containing audio exercises, some of which are also provided in the book attachment as a printed version for self-assessment. The audio course contains nearly 400 exercises. The CD also contains video presentations for each studied topic in order to help you understand the studied topic in Russian. 
Training materials provided in this book can be studied both with a teacher in the classroom and independently, as long as availability of keys to most general and audio exercises in the attachment provides for self-testing of gained knowledge. Having mastered English oil and gas terminology you will be able to freely discuss oil and gas industry issues with your colleagues in English. 
English-Russian dictionary and English glossary of terms are provided in the end of the book and will help in the process of studies for reference. The dictionary contains over 2200 oil and gas terms, and the glossary contains over 1000 definitions. Keys to exercises are provided in a separate book and are intended for a teacher or in case of independent studies.
This edition is designed for oil and gas industry specialists having relevant professional education, students of oil and gas institutes independently studying professional English at intermediate and advanced level, linguistic students and professional translators. 

Об авторе

Белоусов Владимир Степанович – председатель ассоциации "Петротран" более 30 лет работает в нефтегазовой отрасли в России и за рубежом в качестве переводчика и преподавателя. Автор нескольких учебных пособий и обучающих курсов для переводчиков в области нефетегазовой промышленности. В т.ч. Нефтегазового иллюстрированного глоссария в двух томах
(Т. 1. Англо-русский, Т. 2. Русско-английский)